Shadow Women, by Therese Bonvouloir Bayol

St. Brigide might be a small point on the Quebec map, but it is rich in its ancestry of various ethnic groups, the Irish being amongst the first Brigidians.

The reader is introduced to such a family: the McNulty clan who emigrated to French Canada to escape British oppression and to be free to practice their Catholic religion. This story underlines the lives of four women who defeated all odds to survive, thus insuring their descendant’s chance of a more clement world. The other side of the coin is the facility by which the Irish demonstrated assimilation.

All of this is portrayed in a colorful text which makes readers feel as if they were part of an extended family. Indeed if they pause for a moment, many characters will step out of the shadows to call our names and to repeat the sweetness of their sounds.

As it is written in the novel, “Life for the Ludger family was so full, so saturated with joy and dreams; they thought themselves the most blessed citizens of this earth”.

Welcome to a reading adventure, a pilgrimage to the past: yours and mine.

– Therese Bonvouloir Bayol

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