@thDigitalReader – Editions Dédicaces to launch new e-reader in Canada [The Digital Reader, Virginie, États-Unis]

Nate Hoffelder (@thDigitalReader) a publié un article fort intéressant concernant le lecteur de livres numériques des Éditions Dédicaces dans son blogue « The Digital Reader« , en Virginie (États-Unis). Notre appareil multimédia se fait donc connaître très rapidement au-delà de nos frontières. Voici l’article en anglais :

Éditions Dédicaces, a 2 year old French-Canadian digital publisher, have just started taking orders for their own branded ebook reader.

The ER-009d is based on a 4.3″ (480×272) LCD screen and it has 2GB Flash, a microSD card slot, a touchscreen, microphone, speaker, and 7 hours of battery life. It ships with 300 public domain titles in French, as well as 65 contemporary titles (published by Éditions Dédicaces) and 25 audiobooks.

I’m not sure that the image at right is actually the correct e-reader; the unit demoed in the video looks very different. I’m also not sure if it supports DRM. The complete format support isn’t listed, but it includes a pretty decent swath of audio, video, and ebook formats.

  • Video: MPEG4 (AVI), H.264, FLV, RMVB

This is the second ebook reader to be released by a publisher, and it looks like it might actually hit the market first. You can pre-order it now with a price starting at $100 CAD. The price will go up as more people order it, and if there are less than 200 orders then it won’t ship.

If I had to make a guess, I would say that this is a RockChip design. The format support and general menu design suggest that CPU maker was involved.

So will it succeed? The $100 price point is quite crowded now, and you can find any number of refurbished ebook readers for less than the ER-009d. On the other hand, none of those cheaper e-readers come with as many ebooks as this one.

Source : The Digital Reader

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