Ann-Sophia and The Sceptre of Light, by Henry Y. Madukwe

ISBN : 978-1-77076-550-4
Format : 204 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Interior Ink : Black & white
Binding : Perfect-bound Paperback

At age eight Ann-Sophia Golding lost her mother. Her father was wrongly convicted for a crime he did not commit. She goes to live with Aunt Molly who is a witch and with her children made Ann-Sophia’s life hell. An Angel appears to Ann-Sophia and gives her the mandate to get the Sceptre of Light that would destroy the works of evil.

The Supreme Evil One and his cohorts sought to destroy Ann-Sophia, stopping her from getting to the Sceptre of Light. The quest for the Sceptre of Light is full of adventure, danger, endurance, tests and fatalities…


The author is a prolific lyricist, with over 400 songs. He is empiric and perspicacious, with a propensity for improvement, advancement, and diversification; with a clear and concise vision of future objectives. He presents here an odyssey, something entirely different in the world of fiction. OR better still, completely remove the « About the Author » section, let the readers wonder about the writer.

PRICE : 17.70 US$


À propos de Guy Boulianne

Copyright © Guy Boulianne, auteur et éditeur. Ce dernier réalise une quête personnelle, historique, généalogique et symbolique qu'il partage avec ses lecteurs. Il est le fondateur des Éditions Dédicaces LLC :

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