Volunteers for the Black Death and other Fantastic Tales, by Thierry Rollet

ISBN : 978-1-77076-724-9
Format : 122 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Interior Ink : Black & white
Binding : Perfect-bound Paperback

« Volunteers for the Black Death »: The story takes place in nineteenth-century India, during the Anglo-Sikh War. The survivors of a Sikh tribe that was decimated by the English decide to take revenge by making themselves prisoners, because they carry the germs of a horrible disease, transmitted by a mysterious demonic entity which they adore… (Winner of the Festival de Gérardmer prize in 1990).

“Slaves to the Light”: The story takes place in our time. A group of composers of electronic music gains success by giving concerts using their invention, which was emitted by a strange source of light that has been discovered by one of the musicians. But this light is a living entitty, and ends up possessing him….

In this book, Thierry Rollet shares seven fantastic new short stories with us. From beginning to end, the suspense will keep you on your toes!


Born in Remiremont (France) in 1960, Thierry Rollet has devoted himself to literature since the age of 15. Associate to Gens de Lettres de France. He published his first book at age 21 and is now at his 38th published book. First a teacher, he founded in 1999 the Scribo company, which handles the distribution of books, literary advice to authors wanting to be published, training in French / English and a writing workshop. Thierry Rollet has published novels, collections of short stories, historical accounts, and many novels in magazines and on the Internet.

PRICE : 14.00 US$

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