Love in Death (Followed by four unpublished scripts), by Pierre Charette

ISBN : 979-8-73416-9-292
Format : 50 pages, 6 x 9 po., broché,
papier intérieur crème #60, encre intérieur noir et blanc,
couverture extérieure #100 en quatre couleurs

When you want to smell a rose, you also have to hurt yourself with its thorns. Mathias did not believe in love, he who was the outcast of society, the one who only broods… He didn’t know that when you came to planet earth, the price to pay was to fall in love.

It is with Mathias and his friends that you will discover that love knocks on our door when we least expect it, it may only take a few seconds but what happens when you experience this emotion of ecstasy and sadness at the same time? Are you ready to fight for your love? Are you ready to go to hell to find heaven?

Pierre Charette


Pierre Charette, empathic author, returns with his second novel which takes place shortly after the story of his first novel, Deadly Dream, in the same place, with the return of his mythical character, Malec, who helps humans discover themselves.

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